We have lived here in Springdale, UT, at the footsteps of Zion National Park, for over a decade. We welcome you to Nama-Stay and look forward to sharing with you the grandeur and beauty of Southern Utah.

For more info on Atonka’s journey. Please visit :  www.atonka.com

For more info on Atonka’s journey. Please visit : www.atonka.com

Catrin Atonka zambella

A compass of boundless love. Atonka moved from the Swiss Alps to the Sacred Water in the Valley in Zion National Park Utah, to be with her beloved family, Jonathan and Massimo. She believes everything should be done in a sacred manner, with sincerity, love and devotion, with a firm conviction that true living means virtually perfecting ones soul, ones spiritual existence in tune with life, people, animals, trees, water, rocks and the universe.

By nurturing the growth of her dream, Atonka endeavors to inspires through living by example. In the soulful depth of her eyes, she describes her way in the realization that, ” Being yourself holds the quintessence of all healing, language and heart knowing, at all levels of consciousness and understanding. By being who you truly are, it awakens ALL of you, it awakens the existence of true life, where there is no beginning and ending but a oneness of a complete embrace, where boundless love, energy and infinite sharing is possible. It is Atonka's dream, that we all come to awaken the sense of our own divinity, to bring the sacredness of being human, to our everyday experience. It is her dream, that we all feel inspired to awaken the living potential to expand awareness of who we are and where we are going. it is her dream, that we may actualize and achieve collaborative real efforts that bring benefit toward Earth and ALL life forms that depend upon her wellbeing. ~


Journey with Jonathan:  www.zionguru.com

Journey with Jonathan: www.zionguru.com

Jonathan Zambella

“The human experience is a qualitative assembly of incredible moments.”

Jonathan offers custom, private canyoneering trips for Nama-Stay guests, experiential leadership events for executive groups, and mentors aspiring climbing and canyoneering guides through the PCGI and ACGA. He holds a wealth of knowledge and enjoys sharing this through his newest venture, ZionGuru. His passion for undocumented canyon descents has not yet been quenched, nor his desire to innovate techniques, curriculum and inspire manufacturers to continue developing specialized equipment for canyoneering and climbing. More than any other activity, Jonathan enjoys helping those who help many – facilitating meaningful experiences for leaders, executives, and those seeking a life change.

Massimo Zambella

Massimo helps us maintain our child-like spirit of investigation and recreation, and charms visitors into playful respites. His vocabulary is as immense as his desire to ask questions and make friends with everyone. His innocence is a guiding light for Atonka and Jonathan. His en- lightening qualities of a engineering mind and social entrepreneurship, is a quality we deeply admire and at times its hard to keep up with , especially when he is found on some kinds of wheels cruising through town. Massimo shares his amazing grace, fortitude, and acceptance with all. Watch his video below:s

Together, we live simply in the Tao Loft on the Nama-Stay property and look forward to serving you the best Zion has to offer.

The House

In the late 80’s, Mark Austin and the former owners designed and built the house that is now Nama-Stay on a remote lot surrounded by forest and horse pastures. Drawn by the powerful beauty of Zion and Southern Utah, we purchased the house in 2002.

Though Springdale has grown a great deal since that time, Nama-Stay maintains its quaint nature of a ranch house and privacy of an off-the-main-street home. Nama-Stay was built aligned north-south, with great summer shade and winter sun surrounded by incredible views.

About Nama

From the beginning, it was clear to us that our property could not be limited to only a “vacation home.” Rather, it needed to reflect the energy of Nama, our origins, and purpose. In meditation, Nama was defined for us as the original force that gave birth to Mother Earth. Since then we have had many visitors from various countries enjoy the creativity of Nama-Stay and contribute to the different meanings of Nama from other cultures and languages. We are so grateful for all who feel guided to contribute to the Spirit of Nama. These contributions continue to expand our views far beyond where we originally imagined. We hope you enjoy the many forms of Nama shared throughout the world.