1. Where is Nama-Stay located?

Nama-Stay is located at 111 Juniper Lane in Springdale, UT, 84767. It is one of only four vacation rentals in the Town of Springdale. We are less than .5 miles from the Zion National Park main entrance and 500 feet from the nearest Free Shuttle stop! It is 5 minutes by foot to seven different restaurants, a grocery store, gifts shops, and more. Google maps is very accurate in their representation of the Town of Springdale, streets and addresses. Take a look below to get a better view of our address.

2. Do you accept pets?

Because we have animals on the property, we do not allow pets at Nama-Stay. We have a cat who roams the property (and beyond), named Say-Ah-Tay. She is an energetic and vibrant prowler who sometimes visits the back porch of Nama-Stay. We also have a rabbit, Siddhartha, whose run is near the Dojo on the Nama-Stay property. Dogs find rabbits particularly intriguing and our main reason for not allowing dogs as guests is for the rabbit's safety.

3. What is the weather like in Zion (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)?

Weather in Zion can be amazing and humbling. For nearly 300 days a year we are pleasured with abundant sunshine. The chart below provided by the National Park Service gives trends for Zion weather across the seasons. Also, Weather.gov has the most accurate current conditions for Zion Canyon. Note the hottest months of the year are July and August, while the coolest months are December and January. November and December can often be amazing weather (this happened in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012), giving good reason to plan your Thanksgiving and Christmas/Solstice visits in Zion Canyon.

Months listed January to December, left to right

Months listed January to December, left to right

4. Can I host my retreat at Nama-Stay?

Yes. From women’s and men’s groups, Yoga retreats, wellness workshops, weddings, and executive seminars, Nama-Stay is a welcoming and enriching place to have your event. Larger groups often have clients stay at the local hotels and the workshop or event leaders stay and host their seminars and activities at Nama-Stay. Small groups of 10 or less can host their lodging and event at Nama-Stay.

5. What size group do you accept at Nama-Stay?

We can host a maximum group size of 10 persons. EG, 6 adults, 4 children OR 8 adults with shared beds (2 adults each in queen and king beds). Nama-Stay is best visited as groups of 8 or less to have best privacy, comfort, and room to soak up the views.

6. Is there transport from local airports to Springdale? Do I need a car to visit?

Yes. The closest airports to Zion Canyon are Saint George Municipal Airport (SGU) serviced by Skywest, Delta, and United (SGU), 1 hour south, and McCarran International Airport (LAS), 2.5 hours south.

Saint George Shuttle runs daily from Las Vegas to Saint George, UT, and Red Rock Shuttle (435-635-9104) or Zion Guru can pick you up in Saint George and transport to Nama-Stay. Saint George Express offers daily transport from Las Vegas to Zion Canyon with one change over. We have found it is best to call them directly for that reservation.

Rental cars are available at either airport. April through October, the Free Zion Canyon Shuttle, operating in Zion Canyon and Springdale, is excellent for basic transportation through town or into Zion Canyon for many of the Park’s most famous hikes.

7. Is there a grocery store nearby?

Sol Foods is 200 yards and less than 3 minutes walk up Juniper Lane. They have a full-service grocery store with a deli, produce section, bakery, and more. “Down the hill” in LaVerkin large grocers include Dave’s Market (21 miles), and further yet, Lin’s Market (25 miles), Wal-Mart (28 miles), and Costco (35 miles). Those driving in can pick up groceries along the way and re-supply at Sol Foods very conveniently.

8. What activities are available from Springdale?

Wow. Springdale is the doorway to an immense array of natural and artistic activities. Easy to epic hiking, mountain biking, canyoneering, rock climbing, swimming meditating, painting, and more await. By far, the two most visited destinations in Zion Canyon are Angel’s Landing and the Zion Narrows.

A great source for locally derived info on hiking and canyoneering can be found at Tom’s Canyoneering Guide, as well as at Zion Guru. Canyoneering is by far Jonathan’s favorite sport. From exploring the deep canyons of Zion to the maze of un-tapped slot canyons in Glen Canyon, Jonathan's canyon addiction is yet to be satiated, even after 15 years of guiding. If you have questions, send him an email and he can help you find the right canyon for your Zion visit.

Mountain Project has the most details on rock climbing in Zion National Park, but if you plan to climb, best to get a hard copy of Bryan Bird’s guide book for Free Climbing.

Any mountain biker would agree that when in Springdale, you have to visit with Scott Williams at Zion Cycles for information, repairs, parts, and the best-looking bike rental fleet in the West. Massimo’s favorite rides in the area include: J.E.M Trail in Virgin, Guacamole on the mesa above Dalton Wash, and the immense and intriguing Little Creek Mesa area. But there are hundreds of miles of trails in Southern Utah to explore.

But Zion is not just a place of doing, but more so, a place of being. Bringing your holistic practice to Zion to explore its limits within and without could not be more appropriate.

9. Can we day-trip to Bryce and Grand Canyon from Nama-Stay?

Yes. Most of our guests day trip to Bryce from Nama-Stay. Planning a reasonable departure time of 8am from Nama-Stay will land you in Bryce Canyon around 10am. Then you have 6-8 hours to explore the Peek-A-Boo trail, via Bryce Point, awing among the ancient bristlecone pines at Yovimpa Point, or riding the Casto Canyon loop by bike. Meals are not easy to come by, but there is a supermarket and restaurant in the Ruby’s Inn complex.

Grand Canyon North Rim is accessed from Nama-Stay in about 2.5 hours. Be sure to make reservations at the North Rim Lodge, for gaping views from the dining room that evening. For those interested in a more adventurous Grand Canyon visit, Toroweap at Lava Falls is breathtaking, and rarely visited (40,000 visitors per year versus 800,000 at the North Rim main entrance). Be advised, a trip to Toroweap does require a vehicle with 6 ” or more of clearance, good tires for gravel roads, and a well-inflated spare tire to safely traverse the 65 miles of dirt roads. The Toroweap route from Nama-Stay is about 3 hours each way.

10. What is your cancellation policy?

Once you have made $500 deposit, your reservation is confirmed and we deny all other inquires for your time period. We are willing to accept cancellations outside of 60 days of your check-in date. Within 60 days of your check-in, we do not offer refunds, thus we highly suggest TravelGuard® or similar travel insurance policies to assist you in case of last-minute plan changes and emergencies. If you must cancel within 60 days, we will make all efforts to re-book your dates and refund any monies back to you if we are able to secure a replacement booking.