Events & Retreats

When you choose Nama-Stay as your place of destination, you can look forward to a rejuvenating, inspiring time in the heart of Zion. The 3rd most visited National Parks in America.

The Geology and splendor of Zion formed over approximately 250 million years. There were huge periods of time when the area was covered by a shallow sea; when huge sluggish rivers, bordered by swamplands, meandered across the landscape; when a vast desert - perhaps the larges on the planet - covered this region. The sand dunes created Zion’s famous sculpted and colorful 2,000 foot cliffs, inviting us to experience the vibrant energy forces created over thousands of years. 

At Nama-Stay we regularly accommodate 8 people, 10 at most, for an overnight stay. It is possible, however, to host up to 35 people for workshops, retreats, getaways, weddings, family gatherings etc. at additional cost. Because Nama-Stay property is a intimate property, thoughtfully designed to promote inspiration, wellbeing, relaxation of a genuine life style, our property can be ideal for larger group gatherings when you want to mood *just right*. 

If you would like to make a special reservation and need help in your planning, please let us know. We have been living in this area for 20 years and have a array of offerings, contacts, and services you may want to integrate into your journey to Zion and Nama-stay. 

Our calendar makes it easy for you to check dates availability. If you need to modify your accommodation, please call or email us and we'll happy to help you.