The Nama-Stay property is like the vital air inside you

~ It gives you room to breathe~

What began as a exciting new chapter in our lives now stands as a wholesome, one of a kind - lodging destination. The Nama-Stay property is nestled between some of the tallest sandstone mountains in the World. This unique location got quickly elected and made it into the Sunset Magazine as being on of the Top 10 places to visit in the National Parks

Tugged in a quiet private road. From Nama-Stay you are 5 min. away to the main south entrance of Zion National Park, grocery stores, local restaurants, outdoor activities and shuttle stop. The simple authentic charm of the Nama-Stay property gives you a down to earth boutique experience that captures the beauty of its surrounding Nature, right of the patio deck.

The Nama-Stay property includes: The Nama-Stay Vacation House, 3 Nama-Stay Suites, The Dojo and the Tao Loft. The Dojo and Tao Loft is privately owned. All buildings are spaciously held within 2 acre of land, that once was a ancient ocean before human habitation.

Nama-Stay property can sleep a total of max. 12 people, No matter if you rent the Nama-Stay Vacation House or the Nama-Stay Suites, each building is privately positioned with its own private parking. Because of its unique character some people like to reserve the whole property for its privacy, for gateways, families, events and retreats. We help you hold your retreat intimate and private.

For sure, the ambiance of the Nama-Stay property space, encourages a feeling where the guest like to dwell upon their return of adventuring and exploring the Park. Nama-Stay has nearly one hundred trees on the property. - Which you will especially enjoy during the high summer desert temperatures.

We believe: “The combination of Nama-Stay, Zion National Park and YOU, makes the experience unforgettable. Nama-Stay is a place where the underlying principles of Natures beauty is bringing one’s health to a pure rewarding balance.

It is our wish - that your visit will give you all of that.


We love to think about the little things that make an escape memorable.


Sa-A-Tay, Siddhartha and Sophia are always around somewhere.