Meaning of Nama

From the beginning it was clear to us that our vacation rental could not be limited to only a "vacation rental," but rather it needed to reflect the energy of Nama, our origins, and purpose. In meditation Nama was defined for us as the original force that gave birth to Mother Earth, sparked in ZIon. Since then we have had many visitors from various countries enjoy the creativity of Nama-Stay and contribute to the different meanings of Nama from other cultures and languages. We are so grateful for all who feel guided to contribute to the Spirit of Nama. These contributions continue to expand our views far beyond where we originally imagined. We hope you enjoy the many forms of Nama shared throughout the world.

Nama means:

  • Return to the Source.

  • Principle method or tool of meditation, which is meant to unite the soul with the supreme Soul.

  • In Japanese, nama means FRESH, ALIVE, RAW, UNCOOKED.

  • Nama is a portal for divine names.

  • Nama (Νάμα) is a sweet red wine that is usually used in Greek Sacred Ceremonies in Holy Communion.

  • In an ashram, nama is a divine name that is full of divine vibration.

  • Nama amplifies the positive power in your Life and moves you toward your Greatest Potential.

  • Namaste is a common spoken greeting or salutation originating from India and Nepal.

  • (Sanskrit) Namas [from nam to bow, make reverence; cf Pali namo] A reverence, consisting of an inclination of the body. Both in act and in writing, nama is a reverential salutation.

  • Nama is a Mental phenomena. This term refers to the mental components of the five khandhas, and includes: vedana (feeling), sañña (perception), sankhara (mental fashionings), and viññana (consciousness).

  • Nama is a sankirtan: a continuous repetition of the names of God in song form.

  • Nama is a genus of herbaceous plants belonging to the family Boraginaceae. Most are found in North America.

  • The nama plant is as a hardy plant that overcomes harsh environmental changes and is known to “water wisely.”

  • Nama people collect medicinal and other plants and have a strong oral tradition associated with different places and attributes of the landscape.

  • Nama medicine cleanses the toxins from our bodies. (African Shaman)

  • Many important medicinal plants start with nama.

  • Nama is a holy name worth chanting.

  • Nama brings together the body and soul in you.

  • Nama/Namas means “HOME” in Luthuanian