Meeting Space

Are you looking for a meeting space? Between Zion and Nama-Stay we can offer pristine indoor and outdoor meeting spaces. Zion's awe-inspiring beauty invites Leaders to pause, reflect, change and plan well. Through Nama-Stay, we can offer you over a dozen outdoor activities, including meditation, yoga, canyoneering journeys and silent practices. Combining the purpose of your meeting with the stimulation of Zion’s landscape will help your team develop vision and clarity for your plans.

Zion embraces you unconditionally and Nama-Stay, too, will embrace and support you to discover, connect, utilize and share your gifts far beyond your meeting time. Nama-Stay is an intimate meeting space, a place to exchange knowledge and wisdom, to develop ideas and share conversations, a gathering place for seekers from around the world. Whether you stay for a few hours or for a few days, indoors or outdoors, Nama-Stay is able to offer you a wide range of possibilities and adventure activities right at your front door.

Our calendar makes it easy for you to check dates availability.